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All your stats in a clear format, how much have you improved this season?
Watch your kids' games and help them improve by keeping track of their stats
Check your players's stats to make the best decisions for your team

What is Stats Calc?

Stats Calc is a multiplatform app that will allow you to easily store your stats during a game. It is available for individual players, for families (if you want to store your kids' stats and you have more than one!) or even for whole teams.
The app works for basketball, soccer and water polo but we are planning to include other sports soon. Please make your suggestions to info@statscalc.com!
By downloading our app, once you introduce the player and match data, you will have access to the stats calculator. The stats calculator looks almost like a traditional calculator, but instead of adding and resting numbers, you will be adding or resting stats. Are you still confused? Please feel free to read the full manual or watch the tutorial video.


Check our basketball stats, who will get more touchdowns this month?


Check our basketball stats, who will get more rebounds this month?


Can you score more goals than everybody else?


Check our basketball stats, who will get more goals this week?